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About Us

About Us

Firstly, let's introduce ourselves. We are The Lotto A company incorporated and registered in United Kingdom. We organize lotto games. with a unique lotto concept that has been worked on for years.

We choose to support and sponsor good causes, persons, projects, companies, charities or events. This all depends on the type of Lotto game you have chosen to play. 

We are world leader of these unique lotto games and inspired the world with a bigger chance to become a millionaire or even a billionaire.

We have multiple games with amazing jackpots. Ticket prices start from 1.75 per play. All Tickets are sold worldwide, in stores and on our website. Players from all countries can participate. All prices are guaranteed and tax free!

All lotteries are supervised by the notary/lawyer. Draws can be attended live or viewed live via the internet.

Winners may choose to receive their prize in cash or into their bank account. 

The Lotto Company operates 6 different Lotto games: Nieuwjaars Lotto | Halal Lotto | Oudejaars Lotto | Euro Lotto Millions | Studenten Lotto | Amsterdams Lotto.

We wish you good luck playing the Lotto.

The Lotto Company. com