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The Lotto strives to support charities and foundations through donations. 
We choose to support and sponsor good causes, persons, projects, companies, charities or events. 
This all depends on the type of Lotto game you have chosen to play.

Everyone, worldwide, can apply to us for support and donations.


The Dirk Kuyt Foundation focuses on all adapted sports. From G-football to sailing and from wheelchair tennis to billiards for people with Parkinson's. After all, sport not only has a physical function, but also plays an important role in social integration.

“In 2005 I decided to set up the Foundation from a personal drive to give something back to society. I have consciously chosen to support disabled sports in the Netherlands.

For many of us exercising is self-evident, but unfortunately this is not the case for people with a disability. I want to make sporting events possible for this group, so that they can experience how much fun sports are. Not only as a physical effort, but also to broaden your social environment.

We support and organize large events, but we are also happy to support small local events. When I see people with a disability enjoy their sport and the enthusiasm with which they do it, I also enjoy it and I am proud that we have helped make this possible! ”

                                                                                                                                               Dirk Kuyt


We also support projects to contribute to a structural sports offer for people with a disability.


We organize events to introduce people with a disability to adapted sports in a fun way.


Anyone who wants to organize a project or event themselves to stimulate the adapted sport can submit an application to us for financial support.